Lakewood’s Volunteer Day


One of Lakewood’s enduring traditions is Volunteer Day, where residents help their neighbors in need and make their community a better place.

The Volunteer Day program is looking for project sites for its Saturday, April 22 cleanup and fix-up event. On this day, more than 500 volunteers will fan out to locations throughout Lakewood to donate a morning’s work to help their neighbors in need. Teams of volunteer workers from scout troops, schools, clubs, businesses, organizations and religious congregations will assist residents who are unable to maintain their properties themselves.

Recipients of Volunteer Day aid can be seniors or persons of any age who, because of a disability or limited means, need some neighborly help to make their Lakewood yard or home exterior a little nicer. Work can include gardening, yard cleanup or minor painting.

The proposed project sites are reviewed by city staff for eligibility and suitability. If you, or someone you know, can benefit from a Volunteer Day cleanup project and meet the selection criteria, please go to to submit an application online, or call the Burns Community Center at 562-925-7512.