Local business rounds-up volunteers to cleanup the beach

Dozens of volunteers meet at Junipero Beach in Long Beach, CA to clear the sand, parking lot and bluffs of litter as part of the Adopt-A-Beach Program.

Over fifty volunteers participated in LBS Financials recent Adopt-a-Beach event.

More than a dozen employees of LBS Financial made a commitment to come to Junipero Beach in Long Beach, on a Saturday morning to clean the sand and parking lot. In the process, these employees brought in more than three dozen friends and family members to help.

While at the beach, the employees and their guest volunteers covered an area of over twelve acres, freeing the sand of harmful pollutants. Styrofoam, plastics and an occasional piece of clothing in the sand largely outnumbered other littered items. In the parking lot, cigarette butts and food wrappers were the biggest hauls for the volunteers.

“Long Beach’s greatest asset is the beach and its wildlife,” said a volunteer, “we love coming out multiple times a year to take care of the shores and the animals here.”

LBS Financial is dedicated to helping the community and environment. Their volunteer program, LBS CARES, will lend a helping hand by helping out various non-profits in the community, such as Patriots and Paws and the Long Beach Rescue Mission in April 2017.