There’s no time like the present to get started on strengthening your business

By Greater Lakewood Chamber of Commerce President CEO, Joshua Castellanos

As the President & CEO of the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce, it’s an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to support, encourage and interact with local businesses. It feels like we just rang in the New Year and now we’re sprinting towards spring. The seasons pass by so quickly, and likewise Lakewood Chamber is on the move! There’s just no time these days for business complacency.

Whatever your product or service, there’s a social media outlet to promote it. But what about good ole’ fashioned face-to-face teamwork? That’s where your local Chamber of Commerce comes in to play. We represent small, large, for-profit, non-profit, and just about any local business would benefit from being a member. However, the one caveat is, you need to be active, there’s no moving forward from the sidelines.

The Chamber Board and I continually assess the services and programs we offer with the goal of increasing the value of your Chamber membership. We’ve recently given our website a new platform all with our Chamber members in mind. I hope as you take a look at it that you find the website a valuable resource. The Chamber has an array of events to assist your business: From our monthly Speaker Series events to our annual community Car Show. There’s a lot going on so don’t be afraid to stick your toe in the water!

The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce also publishes the Lakewood Community News, which has a monthly circulation of 30,000 delivered to every home in Lakewood with bulk drops to area businesses.

The website features daily, relevant articles for those that want to stay on top of all that Lakewood has going on. Check it out at there’s sure to be an interesting story for you to peruse.

Our strength lies in our ability to work together. Local businesses are invited to join us in our quest to build a stronger and more prosperous community. Invest in yourself, your business and your community by becoming involved in the Chamber. We welcome your participation, so call us at (562) 531-9733, we look forward to speaking with you.