Get your rain barrel and start saving water for a rainy day!


Water-saving rain barrels will be on sale at the next “Lakewood Shreds” event behind the Iacoboni Library on Saturday, April 29 from 9am to noon. Capturing rainwater from your home roof with a rain barrel is a good way to conserve and use water that would otherwise be wasted.

Along with disposing of e-waste and shredding sensitive documents at the April 29 event, Lakewood residents can also pick up pre-ordered 58-gallon rain barrels at a reduced price and qualify for a generous rebate. is offering barrels at a discounted rate of only $65 each, plus tax. To pre-order and pick up at the April 29 event, visit Purchases must be made by April 28 to be picked up at the event. There will also be rain barrels sold at the event on a first-come basis. Full retail price on these sorts of barrels normally runs as high as $169.

Rain barrels are “food grade” recycled-plastic barrels with a brass ¾” spigot for garden hose attachment and a 4″ tight screen to prevent bug access. They’re available in black or terra cotta. Each barrel is 39″ tall and 23″ in diameter.

Barrels purchased through the website or at the Rain Barrel Truckload Sale qualify for a Metropolitan Water District program that rebates $35 each for up to two barrels per household. For additional information on the rain barrel rebate, please call (562) 743-7842 or visit