Summer camp programs keep children technology-free, active and mentally sharp


Summer should be the time of year when children spend hours outside, enjoying the warm weather, long hours of daylight, and fun activities that keep their bodies moving.

According to a recent study that followed a diverse group of children from the start of kindergarten through second grade, this is not the case.

Researchers found participants displayed signs of decreased physical activity during the summer months, not during the school year, and, as a result, seasonal-related weight gain. Jamie Mainvielle, owner of The

Little Gym of Lakewood, says that researchers pointed to a lack of daily exercise and excessive engagement with media as contributing causes to these findings.

“During summer break, families should have the chance to vacation and reconnect without the constant time constraints of school, homework, and after-school activities,” says Mainvielle. “Unfortunately, parents’ work and other responsibilities don’t take a months-long pause. Families are

then left looking alternatives to screen time and other passive activities that have the potential to negatively impact a child’s overall wellbeing.”

For many families, summer camp programs offer a viable solution. Programs at The Little Gym of Lakewood, for example, deliver active and imaginative

camp and class programs that keep kids moving, learning, and having fun.

Flexible scheduling options allow parents to enroll their children for as little as a day, or as long as the entire summer. Age-appropriate activities at the Super Quest Summer Camp vary from week-to-week, offering

children ages 3 to 8 years a fresh experience each time. Interest-driven Skill Thrill camps allow children ages 6 to 12 years to repeat a camp as they refine certain skills.

The Little Gym of Lakewood is located at 4042 Hardwick Street. For more information, or to register for summer camps and classes, please contact

Jamie Mainvielle at 562-239-4416 or visit, or go to