Diane DuBois named mayor by city council


The Lakewood City Council completed its annual reorganization on April 11, selecting Diane DuBois to serve as Lakewood’s mayor from April 11, 2017 until March 27, 2018, and naming Steve Croft as vice mayor for the same time period.

The tradition in Lakewood and many cities of its size is for mayoral duties to rotate annually among the five members of the city council. The mayor has the same vote as any other council member in meetings, but chairs the meetings and serves as the city’s main spokesperson at public events.

This will be the third term as mayor for Diane DuBois, who was originally elected to the city council in 2005. She is serving her fourth term as a council member, after being re-elected in March 2017.

The council’s annual reorganization night started with a “Lakewood Celebrates” community gathering where expressions of thanks and appreciation were made to Ron Piazza for his 2016-2017 mayoral term.

After being selected as the new mayor, DuBois presented remarks to about 150 people gathered in the city council chambers.

Mayor DuBois talked about what she loves about Lakewood and said that “I’m going to do the best that I can as mayor to preserve and enhance these wonderful features…and all that is special and good about our community.

“Our city founders and city councils before us made good choices that got us pointed in the positive direction we’re still benefitting from today,” said DuBois. “As mayor, as members of the city council, and as residents, it’s our duty to maintain and build on that legacy.

“We will face challenges. We always have,” said DuBois. “But I am confident that we will approach those challenges in a positive and collegial way where we look out for the best interests of our residents. And I am certain that in the end, we will keep Lakewood a wonderful place to live and work. I look forward to a great year working with you for the benefit of our community.”