It’s all about the performance and Mayfair High Choir proves they have the ‘wow factor’!

Pictured is the entire Mayfair High Choir including chaperones taken at the famous Butchart Gardens in Vancouver. The two ladies in the middle front are holding a copy of the Lakewood Community Newspaper.

Music in its totality, whether singing or performing, is what the kids that make up Mayfair High School Choir are all about. They wake up early, go to bed late, and practice until they hear the perfect pitch. They recently took their voices on the road; first stop, Los Alamitos High School for its annual singing ‘Extravaganza.’ Mayfair High competed with selected high schools in Southern California. The Mayfair Mariners (all girls group) sang their hearts out and took home 2nd place in the Intermediate Women Division.

If that wasn’t enough to sing about, Mayfair High’s Showtime (mixed group) won Best Musical Performance Award, which is one of the highest honors you can receive. The combo band played a huge part in that honor since they are part of that group.

The busy singing bees then flew to their second stop and landed in Vancouver, Canada. The students, both Mariners (all girls group) and Showtime (mixed group) made Lakewood proud by putting on outstanding performances.

School is the central component of the learning process, and what better way to get a well-rounded educational experience then to take the kids out of the four walls of the classroom. That’s just what Mayfair High’s Show Choir does each year. These groups take an annual concert tour to promote music education in schools around the country, and to perform in public venues; all while taking in the culture, sights and sounds of each new location. The education that the students get in return is priceless.

The Show Choir was excited to perform in five different high schools and elementary schools throughout Vancouver. They had their well rehearsed, performances ready to go. On stage, they sang and danced to various pop tunes just like old pros. The combo band performed beautifully, the upbeat tempo with the Mariners and Showtime Show Choir groups put all their talent out on the stage!

Mrs. Gina Holcomb, Mayfair High School’s Music Director, has been leading her committed, responsible, and passionate, students on tour for the last 31 years. She is the mirror her students look through for educational success. As one might imagine, going on these tours can be expensive, but each student has fund raising events to raise the money they need. Gina Holcomb uses the experiences to teach valuable life skills. Students learn how to budget their money wisely, time management, as well as respect and good manners.

Students are also responsible for setting up sound equipment, such as soundboard, microphones/stands, speakers, all associated wiring, and monitors. To understand the value of hard work, they pack and unpack everything. Each student is given a responsibility and they have to see that through until it’s completed.

One word the students never use in the presence of their teacher, Mrs. Holcomb, is “can’t.” They are a “yes we can’ kind of group. It seems clear who is behind the success of Mayfair High’s Choir. It takes a dedicated teacher to instill worthwhile qualities in young impressionable students. Gina Holcomb is just the inspiration that gives wings to these amazing kids!