Spring blooms beautiful purple in Lakewood!

Photo taken on Downey Avenue between Del Amo Blvd. & South Street by Joshua Castellanos President CEO of the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes we need a reminder to take time out of the busy day to open our eyes to the beauty that’s all around us. Lakewood takes pride in their tree-lined streets, and has been recognized by The National Arbor Day Foundation as a “Tree City USA.”

Tree-lined city streets sport a green canopy of 28,000 street, parkway, and park trees. But in the spring that canopy turns an amazing shade of purple, thanks to the Jacaranda trees. They make this time of year so special in Lakewood!

Take a walk around the city and capture a moment in time as we’re treated to an amazing display of color. Email your photos to news@lakewoodchamber.com and we’ll post them to our website.