It’s all about a Lakewood business with a great sense of taste!

KTLA Channel 5 morning show team tasting the yummy Bagel Bombz!

Who wouldn’t want to indulge in a little bite of creamy goodness? Luckily, Lakewood residents don’t have far to go to try this little delicacy, it’s right in our own backyard. Cassidy’s Corner Café is in the news once again, this time their signature Bagel Bombz have put them in the spotlight as a must try tasty treat!

Cassidy’s Corner Café owner, Joe Ung, was in the news last year touting his colorful purple and gold Kobe Bryant Tribute Bagels. Joe’s proving himself to be quite the celebrity as Cassidy’s Corner has once again caught the media’s eye, this time for their one-of-a-kind Bagel Bombz.

Chris Burrous, a local KTLA Channel 5 news anchor, has recently featured the Bagel Bombzon a recent segment of the news. The small round red velvet bagel bites and cinnamon bites are filled with sweet butter cream cheese goodness and the newsroom enjoyed every single delicious bite!

Joe Ung is a down home Lakewood guy, who lives by the phrase, “Lakewood Loyal.” Joe’s wife, Desirea, and three daughters, Cassidy (the company’s namesake), Madison, and Sophia, are the reason he wakes up before dawn each morning and strives to provide the best quality food for the community. Joe says, “Don’t ask yourself, ‘How?’ Ask yourself, ‘Why?’ When you have the ‘why’ figured out, the ‘how’ will come. Don’t sit wondering ‘how’ you’re going todo it…. know ‘why’ you are!”

Stop by Cassidy’s Corner Café at 11132 Del Amo Boulevard and try Joe’s yummy Bagel Bombz, because the guy that makes them is truly da bomb!