Go Climb A Tree!

Beautiful girl studying in front of big blackboard

Feeling overwhelmed? Can’t see beyond the clutter of your challenging life situations? You’re not alone. It may feel as though you’re lost in the forest called your life—unable to see beyond the giant trees before you; beyond the few hundred feet that will get you out of the forest. You can’t see that if you go right instead of left, or left instead of right, you’ll be free from whatever is causing you pain.
Don’t despair. When you are too close, and too involved in what’s happening in your life, clarity disappears. If you were in an actual forest and were able to climb a tree, you’d be able to see the whole picture. You’d be able to see where and how to get out and access freedom.
You don’t need to climb an actual tree to see how you can get out of your mess. You can, however, reach out and find the resources available to you. There are always people and organizations available and ready to offer assistance. You are not alone. There is a tree to climb. Look around you with an open mind. Soon the answer will be given to you.

Submitted by Rossana Snee, MFT, author of The Healing Alphabet, 26 Empowering Ways to Enrich Your Life. Follow her on Twitter @askjoshsmom, Periscope.com, and https://www.facebook.com/askjoshsmom. She is available in a therapeutic capacity, and also for speaking engagements.