Lakewood Honored as a Finalist for Most Business-Friendly City


Lakewood has been selected again as one of 10 finalists by the prestigious L.A. County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) for its 2017 Most Business-Friendly City award from among the 88 cities in Los Angeles County. The winner will be announced at the 21st Annual Eddy (as in “economic development”) Awards on November 9. For details on the event, visit

The awards recognize cities that proactively promote business-friendly programs and services that spur job creation. Lakewood’s strengths, as highlighted by the LAEDC, include welcoming and facilitating business growth through a fast and efficient planning and permitting process.

“Helping businesses succeed in Lakewood is a priority for us on the city council and in city government,” said Lakewood Mayor Diane DuBois, “and it’s very gratifying to have our efforts recognized.”