New Rap Video Provides Fun Way To Educate About Mosquito Prevention


Sometimes, being creative is the best way to get a point across. That was the thinking at the Greater L.A. County Vector Control District, which recently produced a rap song and video designed to get people smiling but focused on preventing the spread of mosquitoes. With an infectious beat and chorus of “You gotta dump the water out, drain the water flow….” the short, two-minute video was produced in-house by vector control staff, many of whom star in it. It’s their way of combining science and art to motivate people to improve their health. Have a smile and watch the video at To learn more about how to protect yourself from mosquitoes and the West Nile and Zika viruses, which continue to be a cause for concern in Southern California, go to the Vector Control District website at Lakewood and 35 other communities that comprise the Vector Control District each have one representative on the agency’s board. Lakewood Vice Mayor Steve Croft has served as Lakewood’s representative since 2012, and was elected by his board colleagues to serve as president for 2017—a role that he serves along with being a Lakewood Council Member. “The public health aspects of this work are very important,” Croft said. “And I feel a strong responsibility to help our region stay on the cutting-edge in terms of science and protection for our residents. I’m very pleased that our vector control district is nationally recognized for its best practices, and that we’re one of the leaders in taking action to prevent the spread of the Zika virus. It’s vital that we stay on top of that.”


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